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New Generation All ⋆ Stars

Welcome to New Generation Roleplay Server,
here you will find everything you need to know about our server, our unique features and all of our work until now.

New Generation prevails for more than 9 months on TOP Greek Roleplay servers, but we're not about to stay there.

We will be soon launching a New Generation UK Server, ready to welcome players from all around the world with new fantastic features you will not find anywhere else!

Server Status

- Coming Soon

- Coming Soon

- Online [169/170]

- Online [397/400]

Why Choose New Generation?

New Generation offers everything a player needs to have an amazing and unforgetable roleplay experience.
Using a custom Anticheat Protection, having 24/7 Online Staff ready to help you, Weekly Updates and more..

Anti-cheat Protection

New Generation is using a custom and reliable Anticheat Protection to ensure that noone ruins your game.

24/7 Online Staff

We have 24/7 Online Staff at your service to help you with any issues you may encounter while playing.

Weekly Updates

New Generation servers are updated every week with new scripts and features to enrich your experience.

Unique Features

New Generation Roleplay offers you unique features that you will not find in any other roleplay server.
These are only some of our unique features, check our full features presentation by pressing the "Read More" button.

Create your own Mafia

On New Generation you have the ability to Create your own Mafia for FREE, all you
need is 10 hours of gameplay and 1.000 exp points to start your Criminal Roleplay.

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EXP System

Your time on New Generation is rewarded. What does this mean? As long as you play, your level increases - in all jobs - and you get more money but also faster farming.

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Automatic Events

Getting bored playing roleplay?
Not on our server, we took care of that!
Automatic Events for you and your friends (PVP Events, Drops, Races, Hide & Seek, etc.)

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